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About the Author

I am a retired architect living with my wife in a small city in the northwestern part of Italy. 

We have two grown up sons who have been living and working abroad (South-East Asia and North America) for several years – thus, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I can say that their collaboration in the making of this book has been both a family affair and an international venture.

I am interested in cooking in general and especially Italian and French cuisine – I like also travelling and visiting foreign countries, working with computers, and setting up DIY wood projects.

I love to read both fiction and non-fiction. 

When I was a teenager I lived and studied for one year in the U.S and nowadays I continue to read and write in English regularly – I hope that this modest book will not be judged to harshly if my writing will sound a bit awkward to a native English speaker. 

I can be contacted at rodolfo.cerati@outlook.com and I will be more than happy to answer any questions or discuss any topic you may be interested in.

I hope you have enjoyed this book and that it will help you to advance your culinary skills – happy baking…